Kentucky Skills U Instructional Framework Series

Kentucky Skills U Instructional Framework Series

The Lesson Bank would like to highlight the Kentucky Skills U Instructional Frameworks.  While designing the Framework Series, a common instructional foundation for all of Kentucky’s adult education providers was the primary focus.  The Instructional Frameworks were built upon previous work done by local providers; from that foundation, a state-level team created this framework series to provide a more comprehensive and assessment-aligned instructional support to adult educators.

The Instructional Framework Series are comprised 5 important frameworks: Student Persistence and Retention, Instructional Technology, Mathematics, Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), and English Language Proficiency.  These frameworks are living documents and help to supplement instruction.  In addition, The Framework Series serve as the basis for intensive, ongoing, job-embedded professional learning in the form of provider-based professional learning communities and targeted, framework-aligned, online professional learning elective courses.  They were also designed to provide educators with research-based instructional coaching resources, supply providers with relevant instructional technology and distance learning tools to support instructions, introduce providers to best practice strategies for understanding, recruiting, and retaining adult students, equip volunteer tutors with high-quality instructional resources to support learners.

Please note that the Mathematical and the RLA Instructional Frameworks promote instructional materials from the KYSU Lesson Bank, NROC Hippocampus playlists, and Open Educational Resources. The frameworks have been aligned with both the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) TABE 11/12 Blueprints and the GED® Testing Service GED® High Impact Indicators.

Below is the link to the Framework Series on the KYSU website for quick access and more information.




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