Career Clusters

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There are 16 career clusters leading to various career pathways. Instructors can incorporate these clusters into curriculum design and instruction. Adult education services will include workforce preparation activities and training for specific occupations; this will allow students to achieve their educational and career goals. For a listing and description of these career clusters, please click on the link below.

Career Cluster Pathways

Proportional Relationships

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about proportional reasoning in order to solve real life problems. Students will use the knowledge of ratios, learned in the previous lesson, to solve problems with proportional relationships. Most students will be able to relate to determining grocery prices, mixing cleaning or juice concentrates, driving at a certain speed (miles / hour), etc. Also, students will learn how to use proportional reasoning for recipe conversions, miles per gallon, and money per hour. These skills are important for students to use in their daily lives.

GED Content Areas

Understanding Fractions

The purpose of the lesson is to help students understand the multiplication and division of mixed fractions. In everyday life, we have to multiply and divide fractions. For example, when we measure items, we are ultimately dividing fractions. Another real world example of when you would divide fractions is if there is a family with limited money for food, they must think about how to ration out food evenly for the entire family for the day, the week, or even the month. Dividing fractions is a real-world skill that helps to solve everyday problems.

GED Content Areas

  • Number and Ratios