Career Clusters

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There are 16 career clusters leading to various career pathways. Instructors can incorporate these clusters into curriculum design and instruction. Adult education services will include workforce preparation activities and training for specific occupations; this will allow students to achieve their educational and career goals. For a listing and description of these career clusters, please click on the link below.

Career Cluster Pathways

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We think about the credibility, or trustworthiness, of products and media every day, whether we know it or not. We do this when we watch commercials on television, wondering if promises made by miracle products are "too good to be true". 

In the workplace, you will be asked to evaluate information in different ways.  If you are buying products for a company, will you buy from a company who has a pretty sales book, but the products look nothing like what you ordered?  If you are taking checks or money for a product you sell, will you accept money from someone who has a history of having bounced checks, or from someone you know will be reliable?  If you are asked to set up a training for employees, will you find a trainer who has had no previous experience, or someone who is trustworthy and has references to back them up?

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