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What Does the Future Hold?

The purpose of this lesson is to enhance the understanding of graphs and data. Students will be able to use the knowledge gained in the professional workplace. This lesson will also prepare students in the following mathematical skills:

•             Numeracy: students to be able to proficiently perform repeated calculations, be able to create tables/charts that visually summarizes the information as well as reasoning through word problems to determine appropriate computation needed. 

•             Procedural Fluency: students will increase their procedural fluency, which is one of the components of rigor, by repeatedly performing calculations that assist students to make appropriate decisions related to work problems, and transfer that information to charts/graphs as visual representation.


Instructor opens lesson by asking questions such as:

Sample 1: What is your favorite M&M flavor? What color of M&M you prefer? How many M&M of that color do you think are in a bag?  Is there math involved in finding the information needed?   If so, what kind of math?


Sample 2: If you were a manager at a restaurant and need to prepare employees schedules based on the visits, how would you create schedules? What information would you need to collect each month? How would you collect that information?


Prerequisite Knowledge: Students will already have some experience working with percent and fractions.

This lesson will allow students to obtain jobs or advancements in their current career.

GED Content Areas

  • Data, Probability, and Statistical Measurement

  • Data, Probability, and Statistical Measurement