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Lesson Preview

Lesson Title What is Your Why?
Unit Title
NRS Level Level 2
Length of Lesson 60 minutes
Lesson Purpose

In this lesson targeted at students beginning their GED® credential attainment journey, students will be asking themselves why they are deciding to pursue their goals, providing more direction for their efforts.

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Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to discuss and answer questions as who, what, where, when, why and how to demonstrate understanding of key details from a text about a famous person , and apply them to their own whys.

Student Target

I can explain the why of working toward my GED diploma.

CCR Standards
  • Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text. (Apply this standard to texts of appropriate complexity as outlined by Standard 10.)

  • Conduct short as well as more sustained research projects based on focused questions, demonstrating understanding of the subject under investigation.

Lead CCR Level Specific Standards
Reading Anchor 1: Level B
  • Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text. 

Writing Anchor 7: Level B
  • Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic.

Supporting CCR Level Specific Standards
KYAE Employability Standards
  • E.7 Accurately analyze information and respond appropriately.

  • E.9 Analyze self-performance to better understand strengths and areas for improvement.