New Career Snapshots Lessons!

New Career Snapshots Lessons!

To help prepare our students for the workforce and career pathways, the Lesson Bank recently added several helpful Career Snapshots Lessons.  Susie Roberts, one of many very talented lesson creators, notes that these lessons “are geared toward low-literacy adults (NRS 1-2) and introduces them to both entry-level careers in a variety of fields but also introductory skills to interpreting and interacting with texts. Culminating with a research and speaking project, students will gain confidence in their academic and workplace skills.”

Below are the titles for the 5 new Career Snapshot lessons:

  • Compare/Context Careers
  • Context Clues
  • Text Structure Know-How
  • Career Snapshots Closing Day 1
  • Career Snapshots Closing Project Day 2

We encourage to check them out!  The Lesson Bank strives to assist KY Skills U instructors in getting your students “Work Ready!”

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