RLA Units

RLA Units 2017-01-14T18:30:33-05:00

Workplace Safety

  • Intro to OSHA
  • Identifying Hazards
  • A Drug-free Workplace

I am Not a Robot

  • You Are an Internet Explorer
  • The Legos of Language
  • First Things First
  • A Failure to Communicate
  • Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It

Elementary, My Dear Watson—Investigating Reading and Writing

  • Just the Facts, Ma’am—Explicit Meanings of Texts
  • What’s it All about? Logical Inferences and Citing Evidence
  • Is it Poetic Justice—Interpreting Literature
  • Consider the Source-Exploring Effects of Point of View, Worldview, and Life Experiences
  • Is that Gun Loaded? Effects of Structure and Word Choices on Meaning
  • Expert Testimony-- Research and Compilation of Data to Support a Claim
  • Accessory After the Fact—Tending to Editing and Word Choice

Construction & Trades

  • Construction & Trades: Career Exploration
  • Power/Energy Vocabulary in Context
  • Organizing a Work Correspondence
  • Summarizing Workplace Texts: The Power Grid
  • Commas and Dashes in Workplace Writing
  • Word Choice in Texts for Energy Jobs
  • Making Inferences in Articles about Trade Jobs
  • Active Listening & Lineman Interviews
  • Following Multi-Step Procedures for Trade Jobs
  • Comparing Arguments Between Texts: To Build or Not to Build?

Science in Everyday Life

  • Analyzing the Effects of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling—Can You Make a Difference?

Mining for Truth with Point of View

  • Narrator Point of View
  • Character Point of View
  • Fiction Writing Lab
  • Author's Point of View
  • Discussing Views on Surface Mining
  • My POV About Surface Mining
  • Writing to Inform

Comparable Analysis

  • Back It Up- Recognizing How Authors Support Their Argument

Healthcare Literacy

  • Being a Good Employee
  • Introduction to the Study Guide
  • Note-taking Mini-lesson

Navigating the Sea of Opportunity in TDL

  • Getting Your Bearings
  • Using the Internet as Your Career Compass
  • Landmarks- The Role of Job Descriptions
  • Benchmarks: How Interviews Drive the Hiring Process
  • Charting Your Course

Focus Career Unit

  • Employee Performance and Etiquette
  • Your Employee Benefits
  • Building a Resume
  • Employability Skills Lesson 1
  • Employability Skills Lesson 2
  • Using Job Skills to Choose a Career
  • Researching the Job Market to Investigate Take-Home Salaries
  • Health Care Jobs

Career Snapshots

  • Compare/Contrast Careers
  • Context Clues
  • Text Structure Know-How
  • Career Snapshots Closing Day 1
  • Career Snapshots Closing Project Day 2

The Pros and Cons

  • Children's Vaccines
  • Citizenship?
  • Statues Up or Down?
  • Climate Change?
  • It’s Your Turn! Writing an Opinion Piece

Thinking Critically about Tim O’Brien’s "The Things They Carried"

  • Climax on the Rainy River: Character, Setting, and Plot Devices


  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • What Did I Just Say?

Time Travel

  • The Main Idea: Boston Tea Party
  • The Words We Live By
  • Compare and Contrast with the Battle of Gettysburg
  • First-Person View, the Holocaust, and Japanese Internment Camps
  • Opinion: 911 Attacks and the Patriot Act

SRNA and Healthcare Unit

  • Complete and Partial Baths
  • End of Life Care
  • Healthcare Worker Importance of Following Directions
  • Importance of Sleep
  • My Bedside Manners: Putting Thoughts into Written Word
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Vaccinations

Systems Thinking

  • Creativity Through Systems Thinking
  • Understanding Systems
  • Social Studies and Systems
  • Workplace Systems

Current Events

  • Current Events: DACA Controversy

The Effects of Loaded Language on Meaning

  • Dateline Chappaquiddick—Analyzing One of the Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century

Online Learning Success

  • Netiquette
  • Educate, Respect, and Protect Yourself
  • Digital Fluency and Final Test

Goal Achievement

  • Your Mission Statement
  • Gifted: Finding Your Multiple Intelligences
  • Part 1 of Essay on a Goal Achiever
  • Part 2 of Essay on a Goal Achiever: Writing the First Draft
  • The Vocabulary of Saving and Investing Money
  • GED Success Stories and Steps to Higher Education
  • Goal Boosters vs. Goal Busters
  • Don’t Let Cost Be Your Goal Buster: Ways to Pay for Higher Education
  • Listening and Speaking Skills: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout

GED Extended Response

  • GED Extended Response Lesson 1: Analyzing the Evidence
  • GED Extended Response Lesson 2: Writing the Introduction
  • GED Extended Response Lesson 3: Writing the Body & Conclusion
  • GED Extended Response Lesson 4: Revising and Scoring Your Essay

This is My Happy Place

  • One Way or Another
  • Make Someone Happy
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Go, See, Do!

Health Science Career Pathways: Diagnostic Services

  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: What Are the Careers and What Do The Careers Involve?
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: People Skills in the Healthcare Setting
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Observing for Detecting and Diagnosing "What are Signs and Symptoms and Why Do They Matter?"
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Diagnostic Questioning OLD CARTS AND SOAP Notes
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Active Listening and Checking for Understanding
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Vocabulary for Interpreting Charts and Print Outs
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Analyzing the Evidence and Writing an Extended Response
  • Health Science Careers in Diagnostic Services: Differentiating Between Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse

Health Science Career Pathways: Therapeutic Services

  • Health Science Careers in Therapeutic Services: What Are The Careers and What Do They Involve?
  • Health Science Careers in Therapeutic Services: The Desire to Help Patients Heal
  • Health Science Careers in Therapeutic Services: The Ability to Work as a Team (Introduction to Teams Part 1)
  • Health Science Careers in Therapeutic Services: The Ability to Work as a Team (Introduction to Teams Part 2)

Work Ready Scholarship

  • Intro to Help Wanted KY
  • Job Sectors
  • KCTCS Work Ready Scholarship

WIN Soft Skills

  • Lesson 1: Professionalism Assessments
  • Lesson 2: Resolving Conflicts
  • Lesson 3: Organizational Communication

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL)

  • Re-ordering the Sequence of Events with Transportation Texts: Sequencing to Summarizing

Orientation Unit

  • SMART Goal-Setting
  • We Did It! So Can You!

TDL: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

  • The Chain of Command of Major TDL Companies
  • TDL Extended Response Part 2: Transitions are Like Road Signs
  • TDL Extended Response Part 1: Analyzing the Evidence in the Texts

TDL: Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

  • TDL Extended Response Part 3: Writing the Response


  • Team Exercise
  • Team Presentations

Introduction to Welding

  • Welding Terminology, Joint and Weld Types, Diagrams and Symbols

What Can Charts and Graphs Tell Us?

  • What Footprint Will You Leave? Synthesizing and Presenting Information Graphically