Search for a Lesson

Search for a Lesson 2017-10-09T11:46:53-04:00

1.  In order to download a lesson, you must register for an account by clicking on “Create an Account” in the top right corner of the homepage.

2.  Hover over the “Search for Lessons” tab, and choose your desired academic content area (Math, RLA, etc.), or click on “Employability” for workforce readiness lessons and units.

3.  To peruse individual lessons, click “Lessons” and navigate to the domain you wish to search by clicking on the appropriate box (Reading, Writing, etc.).

4.  You may preview and review lessons listed by clicking on the lesson title, or navigate to “Advanced Lesson Search,” which allows you to enter specific criteria – like a standard, NRS level, or key phrase (i.e., RI.7.1, NRS 4, “point of view” or “teamwork”).

5.  Upon clicking on the lesson title, you may use the lesson in its digital form or download a PDF or .doc version for print by clicking on the icons found at the top of the page.