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Using Parts, Percents, and Wholes

This lesson will teach students by way of ratio/proportion, how to calculate parts, percents, and wholes and apply them when creating a professional budget (e.g. Event Planner) or a personal budget.

GED Content Areas

  • Number and Ratios

Profit and Growth

Students will understand and apply scale, similar shapes, and proportional reasoning forming a bridge between scale drawings and real objects.

Students will use the skill learned to plan events by dividing the space to be used appropriately, and by knowing how many tables and chairs are to be used based on the number of individuals attending the planned event.

Scale drawing will assist students in preparing ahead designing the space to be used. Because of understanding scale drawing, students can know exactly how many tables and chairs can be placed in a given space.

Scale drawing is a visual representation of the space.

GED Content Areas

  • Geometry